Who We Are

For more than two decades, The Communications Workshop, LLC has been a leader in aviation emergency response staff development training, ERP planning, and on-site accident management, assistance and consultation. Our objective is simple; to get you and your staff prepared in the event the unthinkable happens. We also provide extensive media prep and internal communications training as well as web development and marketing/training video production services.

Our Mission


Off all of the tools used to influence public opinion, effective use of the news media is one of the most important. The American public is so conditioned to “the news” that it is almost impossible to manage an issue without being able to understand and influence the media. During a crisis, how the media coverage is managed and how well you do in front of the camera will determine how the public and key officials perceive your organization, it’s professional capabilities, and its ability to adequately handle the crisis. Mess this up and the impact on your company could be -- likely will be -- severe.

We will teach you about the news media and the "new" media. Learn who they are and why they do what they do, how to spot news bias and how to handle reporters with agendas, the five "Bs" to being a good spokesperson, extracting yourself from a media ambush, and lots more. Also, learn the secrets to being a more effective public speaker and speaking with confidence.

We will put you in front of the camera and lights and practice response techniques in multiple settings. When we are finished, you will be a far better and more confident organizational spokesperson.