Who We Are

For more than two decades, The Communications Workshop, LLC has been a leader in aviation emergency response staff development training, ERP planning, and on-site accident management, assistance and consultation. Our objective is simple; to get you and your staff prepared in the event the unthinkable happens. We also provide extensive media prep and internal communications training as well as web development and marketing/training video production services.

Our Mission


Steve Bassett has been doing television of one kind or another for more than 35 years. But, the 10 years he spent full time in the business produced a lifetime's worth of interesting, appealing, and laugh-out-loud funny stories and life experiences. He shares them with you and the seven iron-clad common sense secrets that led to his success in business and life in his unforgettable motivational presentation, "Did I Ever Tell You About The Time?"

Being successful in a competitive world is hard work and for most of us takes a lot of years, a lot of practice, and a lot of mistakes before we get it right. "Did I Ever Tell You About The Time?" is not just a stand-up version of another self-help book. It's a fun trip back into Steve's world in front of the cameras and his experiences while covering sports around the country. The program is filled with plenty of fun video and audio sports highlights from some of the great moments in sports.

This is a program that resonates with business groups, associations, athletes, and civic groups.